Amarillo Yellow Chiltepin Heirloom Pepper Premium Seed Packet + More


Amarillo Yellow Chiltepin Heirloom Pepper Premium Seed Packet + More

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Each year we grow a giant garden of our favorite vegetables. Most of our favorite vegetables are old time varieties that people currently call Heirloom. It is with great pleasure that we offer up our favorites for you. Check out our blog at

Pepper Description:

Heat: 100,000 to 250,000 Scoville Units
Texas designated the Chiltepin as the official state native pepper in 1997. The name Chiltepin is believed to be Aztec in origin. A tiny round berry slightly larger than a peppercorn. Experts believe the Chiltepin is the original wild chile - the plant from which all others have evolved. The bush grows an average of 4 feet tall, but there are reports of plants growing 10 feet and living 25-30 years. Heat level is very hot.

Unlike others, we do not buy seeds from outside sources. Our plants are hand grown with tender loving care. Your purchase helps us to continue our quest to organically produce premium seeds here on our farm. We are passionate about gardening and strive to present nothing but the best for our fellow gardeners. There are 10 seeds per pack

We guarantee germination for this current year or your money back. Seeds must be stored in a cool dry area.